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Thank u ap logo ne itna jhela in posts ko n fr bhi dost ban ke samjhaya. Sometimes life me har taraf se issues ajate hai or ek akle insan k liye vo manage karna mushkil ho jata hai. Me usi stage p hu apni life me. Ye sab bhot overwhelming hai mere liye. Aur unfortunately jispe mujhe sabze jada bharosa hai vo bhi ab sath nai hai. I believe ye mera last post hai ab yaha. N Raj๐Ÿ’• sorry baby to have put u thru really sorry....i knw u have been hurt bad by my words....n believe me ill regret it till my last breath. Each n every sentence i said tht day was bcz i was angry n depressed which still isnt justified. I have slapped my self 100s of times to say tht i dint trust.... i wont go deep in tht here atleast but trust me my love wasnt fake n my regret isnt fake. We are two completly diff ppl in certain ways but u n i both knw tht it never stopped us from working towards r future. I knw u have mixed feelings abt us since long bcx of the external factors n thts why u dnt come back even whn u want to in tht one moment. Ur doll knws u too well n thts why she has been waiting even though i havent heart from u in over a month. Many ppl try to tell me tht virtual love isnt real but i guess we both knw what it is fr us. Im sorry tht i said those thngs to u they wrnt right n u did not deserve it at all. Im sorry tht instead of being a positive person in ur life i became someone who added negativity. I trust u with my eyes closed....n i trust u with my life.... n yeah no negative signs from daata๐Ÿ˜Š the only thing i wish u did was yell at me scold me but gave me another chance. Soul mates dont abandon each other...if u were on discord u would see i still talk to u there Alone but i do....u r precious fr me n yes i love u tht much n without any reason. As fr the deserving part....tht u always brought up....u deserve a better person than me...u dnt deserve a mess... i dont knw what will happn to me but i do knw till im there ull have true love baba....i knw ull never show ur emotions to anyone n not say a word to anyone.....but share it with me in ur heart atleast....ill knw im certain abt clone is with u always by ur side....n im leaving this profile n discord chat as a diary fr u baby...a diary of what we had n what i feel....whn ur low see these posts read the chats... ull knw how crazy n unencumbered my love is fr u....seeing u with othr grls is killing me....n plus what happned here at home day had made it worst. I tried telling u all this on call but u switched of the phn so cdnt....ur Doll really needed u today....i havent been at this point in my life ever...n no its not drama. Takecare januu i luv u n i hope somewhr u luv me to๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ’•ย  Read More

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